Sex, Religion, and Internet

Jamie Lewis posted "Aliaa Magda Elmahdy: The Egytian Nude Blog Photos That Shocked the Arab World" on International Business Times website.

Islamic country is known as strict-law religion for women's sex. And she wanted to rock the religion. "Sex and Religion" is eternal theme of human beings, but its surroundings are changing nowadays.

Many songs have this kind of theme. Like this Steve Vai's song "Sex and Religion"

I think Middle-East religions are the most strict ones for sex. Like this song, Christian is strict too, but it's very different direction of them.

Internet allows us to release our opinions and beliefs into the world. China limits citizen's internet for political reasons. This Aliaa's case proves that the freedom of expression strongly effects on religion. That's why China do that.

Like Japan, the country which people feel free to use internet is not familiar with this kind of problem, but we have to know the power of internet. Everyone can check your blog, posts, and homepage. 

If you do something on internet, you have to owe your responsibility. 


ds106 #5 ; Find Yourself

My family name is Kinoshita (木下).

I found advertisement including my name in Osaka city!

Kinoshita is described "きのした" in Hiragana. This is Teppan-Yaki (Japanese stake house) restaurant.
"Kinoshita" is famous family name in Japan, but it was hard to find out advertisements.

Have you guys ever seen "Kinoshita" advertisements?? Please let me know!!

Description of this Assignment

ds106 #4 ; 1 Quote a Day

Here is a conclusion which I got recently.

"If one feel happy or satisfied, another one must feel unhappy or dissatisfied."
Yusuke K

I found this in complicated situation. But I cannot talk about that here, sorry.

Everybody should have chances to feel this feelings, but they do not want to recognize this.

de106 #3 I have been in here! (by using google map)

First of all, here is my hometown. I was born in Tokyo, and during elementary school, I lived Fukuyama city with my family. Fukuyama city locates in Hiroshima Prefecture, and second-largest city in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Secondary, when I was in junior high school and high school, I was in dorm which is at Matsuyama city in Ehime prefecture.

This city has many spas like "Dougo-Onsen." and known as the origin of "Haiku."

and then, I moved to Tokyo!

I love these cities, and maybe the end of next year, I will move to California!! 

ds106 #2 ; Video Essay

Here is the video. This is the music video of Korean famous group (They are famous in Japan, too!).

Usually, every songs have story. But I think this video is brilliant because even this song is sung in Korean, we can understand the story.

I've watched many music videos, but I have never seen this kind of video.

Whatever your mother language is, you can understand this story. Every pop music video should be like this (in case it has clear story.)

Here is the description of this assignment.

ds106 #1 ; Iconic myself!!

This is ds106 Assignment! 
 Create an iconic image/design for your own site that somehow represents you. 

Here is an interesting app in my iPhone. This is called "WordFoto."

A normal photo becomes the awesome photo which is drawn by words in this app. 

I created icon by using my own portrait. 

This kind of way is used in advertisements of the movie "Social Network."
I think this is the very new app in Phones.
 This is Assignment Description.



Whenever we use internet, we have to think of malware. Because connecting to the internet is the same thing which open the door of our home. It sounds like anybody can rush into our home! So what we should do?

Just closing the door does not make sense because it means shut down the internet. If we have to keep opening the door, we need some guards. Sometime we need to invite some information to our computer, so the guards are required to distinguish malware from information.

What if malware comes to our computer?

check this video.

Whatever browser we use, we have same danger of malware. For Mac, there's supporting by Apple inc. every day, but if you use Windows, you have to install anti-virus software and check updates frequently!

QUESTION (for Final exam);

If you want to protect your computer from malware, what should you do for it? (If you want to use computer with internet connection)
a) Just shutting down computer
b) Installing anti-virus program to your computer
c) Choosing Mac
d) not paying for internet fee
e) Checking your computer's HD all the time


we are all artists, so am I.

This post is the response to Timmmmyboy's "We Are All Artists" lecture for ds106
As we know, the word "Artist" has several meanings and definitions. But everyone can be an artist, and needless to say, I can, too. Actually I did not regard myself as artist even though I was guitar player. I thought I was just imitation or follower of my favorite artists. At that time, around 14 years ago, I had no chance to describe my playing. To do live performance, it takes a lot of time and money for ordinal people like me. 

But nowadays, we have many chances to describe and perform. In Japan, youtubeNico-Nico-Douga, and pixiv. These are good for recognition. By using these websites, we all recognize ourselves as artists. And of course, ds106, too.

I used to post my performances to youtube like this

but this is just an extension of what I used to do. 
I noticed I am not only music artist but also an artist of other genre by using ds106. Later, I will post some for ds106 assignments, but maybe these are very different from what I did before.