King of Pop

What do you think when you heard "Pop music"?

I'm thinking about Michael Jackson. He was the legacy of MTV.

At that time (the middle of 80s'), people could get informations of music only in MTV show. There was no youtube, myspace, facebook, even internet. They watched MTV and know what is in fashion of music.

Do you think the next one will be coming up like Michael Jackson?

Actually, No. Sometime, Lady Gaga is compared with him. Her performance is awesome and brilliant like Michael Jackson, but we CAN compare with others via internet. This is the difference from 80s'. Michael Jackson was the only one at that era.

I think Michael jackson was the last superstar in music.


  1. Interesting. I guess we all have different views on what is exactly "Popular Culture"

  2. The last time I tried to leave a comment here I couldn't.

    What I wanted to say after you wrote this post is that I disagreed with you when you said that there was no way for fans to learn about artists before MTV.

    I remember learning about Michael Jackson way before MTV. I even had a poster of his from a magazine called Tigerbeat.

    I think I did something wrong with my html in the comment before.

  3. >huges.tuj
    Exactly. What do you think of "Pop Culture"??

  4. >Scott
    Oh so sorry! My research was not enough, I think.
    I found some magazine before MTV, too.

    but all I wanted to say, MTV could share music with "movie."
    That's why I thought ti was very different from other way!