For Final Exam, "The Best and The Worst of Internet"

This is the final post as Assignments of CIS 2011 Fall class.
I hope this is the best and meaningful one.

I decided to talk about the aspects of internet. 

Internet has both the best and worst aspects. In my opinion, the best aspect is freedom of expressions. And the worst aspect is the irresponsibility of usage. Most people who use internet doesn't recognize that their behaviors come out with responsibility.

Firstly, I state the best aspect. Like my post "Sex, Religion, and Internet," everybody is allowed to express what they want to express. 

But some countried restrict internet because of political reason. For example, China and North Korea. Why do they restrict? It's because internet has the freedom of expressions. These countries have something which they don't want to let their citizens to know. Or, they worry about if citizens share their thoughts or complains.

And I want to introduce one Japanese Manga artist as the best example of "freedom of expressions in internet."

His name is Shuho Sato. His Manga is famous in Japan and some of them became movie. (ex. Umizaru) His life of Manga artist seems to be glorious one. But after some Manga, he started to write the Manga "Bokuman." For some risence contract reason, it was forced to stop. Publisher didn't pay the risence fee of the movie for him.
After that, he decided to show his Manga only on website. Here is his homepage. We can buy his Manga here. He doesn't have any contract to publisher anymore, this is his way of expressions. He choose website as his stage.

Again, this is the famous movie, but there were problems after this movie...

And his website had great impact on Japanese publishers. Like Article: What Will Record Labels Look Like in the Future? by Jason Feinberg, Manga Publisher have to be changed. Jason said "Labels’ traditional revenue streams are drying up and no business can flourish without sustainable income." This is the same as Japanese Manga publisher. But no publisher in Japan tried to change, that's why Shuho was the pioneer.

Secondary, the worst aspect should be stated here. We can send our thoughts to all over the world. But very few people understands what it should cause.

In Japan, we can post our thoughts or photos to Facebook, twitter, mixi, 2-Channel, and all social networking sites. Needless to say, we can post them to our blog like this post. 

But sometimes, the serious problem occurs. For example, a man wrote "I will kill many people at Akihabara." on 2-Channel. But because we don't have to sign up for writing 2-Channel Wall, that kinds of posts were usual. Nobody believed it.

But it happened. This is Akihabara massacre. Fumi argued about this incident on his blog "What's Happenning in Japan Right Now?." The post is Akihabara incident and its aftermath. He really love Akihabara, so he is very worry about Akihabara.

Here is the problem. The man who killed people is worth to be punished, but why did nobody believe his post?

Because they usually post on 2-Channel without their own responsibilities. That makes information on internet meaningless.

This fassion has to be improved. I was talking about Japanese one because I have never lived abroad, but surely this kind of issue should happen all over the world.

 I stated two aspects of internet, I hope both of them are persuasive ones for you. But Internet is useful and convinient by using right way of policy.

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