Sex, Religion, and Internet

Jamie Lewis posted "Aliaa Magda Elmahdy: The Egytian Nude Blog Photos That Shocked the Arab World" on International Business Times website.

Islamic country is known as strict-law religion for women's sex. And she wanted to rock the religion. "Sex and Religion" is eternal theme of human beings, but its surroundings are changing nowadays.

Many songs have this kind of theme. Like this Steve Vai's song "Sex and Religion"

I think Middle-East religions are the most strict ones for sex. Like this song, Christian is strict too, but it's very different direction of them.

Internet allows us to release our opinions and beliefs into the world. China limits citizen's internet for political reasons. This Aliaa's case proves that the freedom of expression strongly effects on religion. That's why China do that.

Like Japan, the country which people feel free to use internet is not familiar with this kind of problem, but we have to know the power of internet. Everyone can check your blog, posts, and homepage. 

If you do something on internet, you have to owe your responsibility. 


  1. I think all countries have their own strictness. Yes Islam and Middle Eastern countries are strict but people have a complete wrong image of them too, by the wrong image shown and introduced in the Media... So Unless people would actually know the real meaning of why they are doing such things and seeing the real side not the wrong side, I don't think people could say that. I agree to what you say but I guess people get influenced by others community so quickly.

  2. So sorry. I didn't mean to say something about Middle Eastern country but just wanted to say the power of internet! Thank you for letting me know and leaving comments!