we are all artists, so am I.

This post is the response to Timmmmyboy's "We Are All Artists" lecture for ds106
As we know, the word "Artist" has several meanings and definitions. But everyone can be an artist, and needless to say, I can, too. Actually I did not regard myself as artist even though I was guitar player. I thought I was just imitation or follower of my favorite artists. At that time, around 14 years ago, I had no chance to describe my playing. To do live performance, it takes a lot of time and money for ordinal people like me. 

But nowadays, we have many chances to describe and perform. In Japan, youtubeNico-Nico-Douga, and pixiv. These are good for recognition. By using these websites, we all recognize ourselves as artists. And of course, ds106, too.

I used to post my performances to youtube like this

but this is just an extension of what I used to do. 
I noticed I am not only music artist but also an artist of other genre by using ds106. Later, I will post some for ds106 assignments, but maybe these are very different from what I did before. 


  1. Thanks for posting your old band's performance. I enjoyed watching it. You guys really rocked.

    I think you make a crucial point in your response to Tim about how one's self-image is key. Yes, if you tell yourself you are not an artist or can't create art then you never will.

    I wish many of your classmates would read your words and take them to heart.

  2. >Scott
    Thank you for watching our performance! And This subject was very impressive for me!

    I hope everybody understands this, and if they understand, more wonderful guitarist come out!

    ... sorry I'm too much stuck on music!

  3. One can say that we are all artists as we have our own ways of self-expression. Some of us are comfortable expressing ourselves through painting, some of us through music, and so on.