Whenever we use internet, we have to think of malware. Because connecting to the internet is the same thing which open the door of our home. It sounds like anybody can rush into our home! So what we should do?

Just closing the door does not make sense because it means shut down the internet. If we have to keep opening the door, we need some guards. Sometime we need to invite some information to our computer, so the guards are required to distinguish malware from information.

What if malware comes to our computer?

check this video.

Whatever browser we use, we have same danger of malware. For Mac, there's supporting by Apple inc. every day, but if you use Windows, you have to install anti-virus software and check updates frequently!

QUESTION (for Final exam);

If you want to protect your computer from malware, what should you do for it? (If you want to use computer with internet connection)
a) Just shutting down computer
b) Installing anti-virus program to your computer
c) Choosing Mac
d) not paying for internet fee
e) Checking your computer's HD all the time


  1. I like your metaphor about connecting to the internet is like opening our house to the world. I agree that closing the door isn't a practical solution.

    I do wish that along with sharing the interesting YouTube video, you had made more of an effort to summarize the key points or provide some sort of interpretation.

    Your question about what to do if malware comes to our computer seems to be more of an open-ended rhetorical question. Try to frame your possible final exam question as a multiple choice or T/F if you can.
    One more point, please remember that WB 4 and 5 are supposed to include a question about the topic for the final exam. Can you amend your post to include one, please?

  2. I agree with you statement. Closing the door and shutting ourselves off from the outside world is not very sensible. I believe we need to have added safe guards against different forms of malware. Additionally, I think there should be added consumer awareness against malware so we can protect ourselves from it.

  3. >Scott
    I did include a question! thank you for letting me know.
    But I think the answer is b or c because Mac has no viruses. How do you think about this?

  4. >Hicks-tuj
    Yes. Actually, 10years ago, my computer had disaster by malware. And I always remember the time my father know it (because that one is not only "my" computer!)....