ds106 #5 ; Find Yourself

My family name is Kinoshita (木下).

I found advertisement including my name in Osaka city!

Kinoshita is described "きのした" in Hiragana. This is Teppan-Yaki (Japanese stake house) restaurant.
"Kinoshita" is famous family name in Japan, but it was hard to find out advertisements.

Have you guys ever seen "Kinoshita" advertisements?? Please let me know!!

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  1. I was like... 「あ、きのした!」
    and you were Kinoshita.
    My last name is Kinoshita too!

    Whenever I go on the Yamanote Line, I see this kanban that says「木下工務店」, and I feel embarrassed for some reason. haha. No one will know, so I think I should stop.

  2. Oh I know that!!!! totally forget about Kinoshita-Komuten!
    Let's make the name Kinoshita more famous one!